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Bibby Strong in OT Thriller

i'm baaaaack, and with an update..oh wow! i just wanna take the time and opportunity to say thanks to ladybugkiss18 for updating for me. :) i'll make you icons, girl...as soon as i find good pictures and stuff. what icons would you like? bibby, kmart, maybe both? ;)

The Kings stormed back from a 21-point deficit to force overtime, but could not overcome the Lakers in the extra period as they dropped a 132-128 decision at home on Thursday. Mike Bibby scored a season-high 38 points, while Kevin Martin added 21.

48 minutes. 7 rebounds. 6 assist. 0 steals. 3 turnovers. 0 blocks. 38 points.

FREE-THROWS KILLED THE KINGS. OH NO! That's not good at all. I don't have any pictures from the game. Sorry kids! I forgot my camera!
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