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Gavin Maloof: Kings "out of the running" for Iverson

Gavin Maloof: Kings "out of the running" for Iverson
By Sam Amick - Bee Staff Writer
Last Updated 4:01 pm PST Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Kings are no longer in the Allen Iverson sweepstakes, according to team co-owner Gavin Maloof.

"We're officially out of the running," Maloof said by phone. "We never got to that point to be in the running. I don't think we got to the point where we were talking or negotiating. It never got to that point."

Iverson, Philadelphia's seven-time All-Star and the league's current leading scorer, demanded Friday to be traded from the 76ers. On Sunday, a league source told The Bee the Kings were involved in discussions with the 76ers, and Kings co-owner Joe Maloof said a day later that they were "in the mix."

While Gavin Maloof said the Kings were not negotiating, two sources close to the organization said there were two deals that had been discussed. The first, according to one source, would have sent Kings point guard Mike Bibby and forward Kenny Thomas to Philadelphia and bring Iverson to the Kings.

The obstacle, however, may have been third-year Kings shooting guard Kevin Martin, who the 76ers also coveted but whom the Kings were unwilling to give up.

The other deal, according to the second source, would have sent Bibby and Thomas to the Los Angeles Clippers, who would send third-year point guard Shaun Livingston and veteran small forward Corey Maggette to Philadelphia. The 76ers, in turn, would send Iverson to Sacramento.

Both sources did not wish to be identified because they were unauthorized to discuss the negotiations.

While the contractual terms of the first deal would work with or without Martin, the deal involving the Clippers would have required them to include more than Livingston and Maggette in a package.
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